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Where is the Ultra Ram Run

October 7 Autumn Ram at Cliff Lakes Watersports Centre B78 2DL   https://www.clifflakes.com/


A great OCR location for real OCR challenges and real fun.

Beautiful watersports location, lake and river, with some tough trail running and two obstacle arenas. You take on Mother Nature’s challenges, Cliff Lakes OCR obstacles and INFERNO, the Ram Run’s obstacles right by the Event Village with everyone cheering you on.


A tough course for racers – challenging but doable for Fun Runners. We want you to remember your successes, not failures

Where is Anarchic Ram?

Anarchic Ram is at Airfield Anarchy, Winthorpe Airfield, Drove Lane, Newark NG24 2NY Saturday 10th June

Where is Iron Ram?

Iron Ram is located at Cliff Lakes, Tamworth Road, Tamworth, Warwickshire, B78 2DL

Where is the Summer Ram Run?

Summer Ram Run is at Cliff Lakes, Tamworth Road, Tamworth, Warwickshire, B78 2DL

Do you offer a season ticket?

Yes we offer a number of limited season passes. Click Season pass on the top menu to find out more

Where is Mudnificent 7?




We’re just outside Meriden in Warwickshire about ten minutes from Birmingham NEC and Airport and 15 minutes from Coventry and Solihull.
From Meriden Village, take the central island exit towards Fillongley (Meriden/Fillongley Road). We are about 2 miles down this road on the right hand side.


From Birmingham, take the 900 service to Meriden. From Meriden, take the A Line Coaches Service 735 service (ask the driver to stop at Heart Park)
From Coventry, Corley, Arley – use the 735 service

Where is The Autumn Ram Run?

October 7 Autumn Ram at Cliff Lakes Watersports Centre B78 2DL   https://www.clifflakes.com/


Car parking – Is there a cost?


Are showers available?

Normally yes, normally no cost.

Are your medals good quality?

Yes, the best.

Are the free TS really high tech TS?

Yes, they are top quality from Scimitar, leading manufacturer of tech TS for most sports.

Do we have a choice of TS colour?

TS are available at race day registration and you can select from the stock that is available – no guarantees of colour

If I am injured, can I transfer to another race or can I transfer my entry to another person?
Can Wild Lambs run under 6 years old?

Yes, but only at the total responsibility of the parent. Parent has to run as Rampager but no entry cost for his/her under 6.

What is the difference between the Wild Lambs and Rampage?

Wild Lambs are between 6 and 12 years old, Rampage is for parents and guys wanting to contribute to Rampage’s charity causes.

Do Wild Lambs and Rampages run together?

Yes, they do. Chaotic fun but also serious warm up for racers. Take a look at the film.

When will I know which wave am I in and my race number?

In some races you can register for a specific wave. In any case waves will be announced few days before race day.

Do you mail race runners packages?

No, these are handed out at race day registration.

Do you have volunteer marshals?

Yes. Ram Run marshals have their own Facebook group https://www.facebook.com/groups/994085050654410/.

Please decide which race you wish to marshal and go to the marshals page http://ramrun.co.uk/marshals/

What do you offer marshals who volunteer?

You can choose between free future run or Ram Run Marshal sweatshirt which is individualised for each Ram Run.

The Ram Run at Stoneleigh Park was well liked so what motivated you to move on?

Two main reasons to move:-

1/ it is an expensive venue with huge set up and pull down pressures that killed it a bit for us organizers. To be viable it needs 1000+ runners at each event. We maxed out at 740.

2/ I believe in constant change and improvement. We had achieved a spectacular course that was very difficult to improve further. I think OCR runners welcome changing challenges

Well – you had brought in the formidable RamRig so could you not have developed that still further?

RamRig was a major challenge that could not really be further developed as part of a race without causing huge failures and long queues. Too many failures and too long queues are not part of Ram Runs focus. So half of RamRig is now part of our intensive obstacle training area at the gym and half is now part of INFERNO – a continuous challenge something like 250m long. A very intensive whole body fitness challenge also demanding good technique. That is what we think man made obstacles should be – very challenging but fair so runners can face the challenges feeling they have a chance


The facilities on site we will be offering are:

  • The UK’s first Obstacle Race Expo
  • Cold rinse station
  • Bag check
  • Catering
  • Toilets
What Should I Wear?

It’s going to be an obstacle race course that takes place in summer. You will get very wet and muddy. Footwear – A lot of people choose to wear lightweight trail running shoes but if you’re worried about damaging your trainers an old pair will do.

Are there Car Park Facilities?

Yes there will be a £5 car parking charge.

Is there a Bag Drop?

Yes, there will be a bag drop service on site. We will be handing out bags in the car park for your essentials. Please note these are the only bags allowed to be checked in bag drop.

What shall I wear?

It’s going to be an obstacle race course that takes place in through the year. You will get very wet and muddy. Footwear – A lot of people choose to wear lightweight trail running shoes but if you’re worried about damaging your trainers an old pair will do.

Where is Macram?

MACRAM is at MACTUFF, Knockhill Racing Circuit near Edinburgh, KY12 9TF

Can Wild Lambs run under 6?

Yes, parent has to register as Adult Rampager.

Will the under 6 who is running free be able to get a medal and t-shirt?

Yes, you can buy for the under 6 a medal and t-shirt for £8 on the day.

Do I need to be a weightlifter, strong man or crossfitter to compete in Iron Ram?

No. The challenges do not require special weightlifting techniques. The challenges are balanced between these guys and good OCR competitors


Why do you mention Strong Men, Crossfit etc?

Because not many of these guys compete in OCR but they can be competitive in Iron Ram OCR. So can anyone with determination, strength, power, endurance, agility – the characteristics of good OCR runners, regular gym users, rugby players etc

If I enter Iron Ram but get knocked out early it is an expensive short race!

There are 4 rounds. If you are knocked out in round 1 or 2 you have free entry to LIDO RAM in the afternoon, racer or fun runner wave, your choice

If I already entered LIDO RAM with my Iron Ram 50% discount and get knocked out early ?????

In this case we refund you the difference

It looks like a long swim on the LIDO RAM Course. How do you deal with non swimmers?

There is a float rope to pull yourself across and the crossing is manned by expert water rescue marshals

How do I know which wave I’m in?

Everyone who has run at Ram Run before knows we are absolutely not riggid at start waves allocation. We prefer that you go in a wave that suits your ambition or your wish is for the day. So please do not be concerned that we are not issuing start lists and sticking rigidly to them.


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