Summer Ram Runs

August 11 & 25

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About Summer Ram Runs

Summer Ram Runs


August 11 at Mudnificent7 – registration for Ram Run waves closes June 20th

Race for the Ram Run trophies – £50
4 categories – male and female under and over 40

Fun Runners waves – £40


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August 25 at Overload – registration for Ram Run waves closes July 25th


Race for the UKOCR trophies – £40


Fun Runners waves – £35


Wild Lambs and Rampagers – £14


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Trail & Obstacle Course Racing buff





Fun Runners



Wild Lambs



Funrunners 8km/16km £30 – run for fun and personal achievement

Juniors 12 – 15 years – JUNIOR25 25% discount code at all Ram Runs

Racers 8km/16km/24km £40 16km timed for the Ram Run Trophies

Wild Lambs Rampage £14 the original race for under 12’s and adults together and still inspirational. The kids take on Iron Ram – believe it!

Summer Ram Run – 25 Aug? Sign up today

WildLambs Rampage

Wild Lambs are usually Under 12.

6 years is the usual starting age but under certain circumstances younger Wild Lambs can run – enquire

Rampage is a warm up obstacle run for adults and parents who not only want to run but also to support some very good causes

Wild Lambs and Rampagers run together over the 1.2km intensive obstacle course! As many laps as you like in 50 minutes – a great warm up for Racers!

Introducing youngsters to OCR and helping these good causes that these great guys put their efforts into supporting

Leon Nash – Children with Cancer
Mark Pittam – Great Ormond St. Childrens’ Hospital
Joel Hicks – Always With A Smile
They choose a 4th cause at each Ram Run to share with because so many OCR runners do it for special and personal reasons

Wild Lambs £14 entry includes T shirt and Ram Run medal. T shirts are available black, blue, yellow, red, green. £2 goes to the Rampage Fund.

Rampagers £14 entry includes the Rampage900 T shirt, T shirts are white or RR Allseasons. £6.50 goes to the Rampage Fund causes.

The RamRun

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